The Clock

The Clock

April 2022 clock Timetable download.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited to 12 per class. Click here to go to our booking page.

We are one of very few gyms in the country lucky enough to have the Clock Circuit. The Clock is used for a broadly defined functional training, which is the most popular variety of sports exercise for every age group. The Clock has clock-like shape, which consists of 12 different stations, allowing for a full body workout circuit. Exercises include; battle ropes, box jump, monkey bars, wall ball, boxing, sledge push / pull, speed track and many more.

Clock Circuits are taught by one of the gym team and are always different, meaning that classes are never boring and always challenging. As with all of our group training classes, non members are welcome and all abilities will be challenged and accommodated for. Classes are designed to be interval training based (periods of activity followed by periods of rest), this type of training is designed to get and keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. Your metabolism will be boosted and your body will continue to burn fat even after you have finished the class.

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